Zoe, who comes from the Allgäu in Bavaria, moved to Berlin to live out her sexuality at parties and dates. Even though role-playing and bondage attract the 28 year old, a part of the farm romance remains in her.

    Zoe wanted to break out of the small tranquil Bavarian village she grew up in and experience life in a big city. That’s why she moved to Berlin, got a job as an office worker and downloaded several dating apps onto her smartphone. Clearly, Zoe goes on a date with the intention of having sex. She makes sure she’s attracted to them physically and emotionally beforehand and that has worked very well for her so far.

    When it comes to sex, Zoe likes it a little more rough. She likes being handcuffed and having sex with multiple partners. It doesn’t matter to her whether it’s with men or women because Zoe is drawn to both genders.

    Even if Berlin’s nightlife has a lot to offer, the city cannot fulfill Zoe’s special fantasy. Zoe, who has turned her back on country life, would like to spend a few days on the farm and have sex with an attractive stable boy in the barn.

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