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    Yvonne (21) was born in the Ukraine and lives in Stuttgart. She is only in Berlin for a visit and just wants to have fun. Her friends say she appears arrogant – but she is anything like that! She is open, happy and veeeeery openhearted...

    “Live each day – and don’t look back” is Yvonne’s life motto. The student of business administration tells us that her relationship is both devoted and open at the same time. She and her boyfriend both love trying out new things, and Yvonne also enjoys sex with women. And why not? It’s just something completely different.

    The main thing is that the butterflies in your stomach and the fun don’t ever have to take the back seat during sex. And she doesn’t want to have to do without her Pulsator anymore, either. Because with this sex toy, it’s just as if a real guy were penetrating her.

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      Such a cute girl. It’s nice we get to look at those lovely little tits of hers but it’s a shame there’s no free pictures of her pussy and cunt with her legs spread. Not even a full frontal nude picture. I’d love to see her masturbating or at least with a dildo up her tight little German pussy

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      Wow check out the tits on this cutie! They look like fun to play with, I’d grope and fondle her tits for hours and play with those lovely pink nipples if hers. I’m excited to see more of her sweet young pussy. I wish there were more shots of her legs spread and pussy wide open for us to enjoy. Looking forward to watching this beautiful little German girl get naked and masturbate for us.

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      Oh my word, I just watched this cutie masturbating and it was delicious. How she pulled her tits out from her bra and played with her nipples, put her hands down her pants to rub her pussy. The best part is when she is completely naked, legs spread and camera is between her legs looking straight up at her tight little cunt, get and toes in shot, her lovely full tits bouncing around as she fingers herself and her cute face- all in one shot. Then the sound of that deliciously wet pussy as she thrusts her finger up inside her juicy wet German cunt. So good! Yumm.

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      Cute girl with a great set of tits on her. Nice pussy too, tidy lips, nice clit and she fingers it so well too. A pleasure to see this beauty get naked, spread her legs and masturbate.

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      Very cute girl with a dynamite of a body...

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      Decent set of tits on this one. They’re quite big and soft which means they bounce around nicely, especially as she fingers herself. I’m impressed at how well they hold their shape when she’s laying on her back topless with her tits out. Her nipples are ok, well proportioned and a good size but they are a little brown and I tend to prefer pink nipples.

      Her pussy is nice, good looking cunt between her legs, cunt flaps are nice and tidy, well proportioned and overall looks nice and tight with a good pink tone to it. It seems to get nice and wet once she starts to finger herself too. Her ass is nice and she lets us see her tight little asshole to which is good.

      Pretty feet and nice long toes too. It’s nice watching how her toes curl and tits shake as she rubs her cunt. I enjoyed masturbating to this big titted Ukranian girl.

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