Yuli and Mira have no control over fate, but they can still take responsibility for their happiness. The two beauties do just that on this date, intensely pleasuring each other with their fingers, hands and with the help of two sexy toys.

Mira thinks that everyone should have sex with someone of the same sex at some point, because it would remove some potentially unfounded prejudices. Yuli has nothing against sex with women, but she is still waiting for “Mr. Right” after all her previous dates turned out to be “Mr. Wrong”. Yuli can’t influence fate and happiness isn’t entirely in her hands, so she continues to wait, using her freedom to pass the time…

For both Mira and Yuli, physical contact is important during sex. We think it’s beautiful and sensual when they caress each other all over their bodies before they undress and take turns fingering each other. After caressing each other’s pussies, they finally bring each other to orgasm with a vibrator.

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