Yuli and Josie play with each other between soft and hard. The two girls take turns giving each other kisses on the neck and caresses all over their bodies before they get excited with a whip, glass dildo and vibrator.

Yuli has a hard time having sex with men she doesn’t know well. It’s very different with women. With female partners Yuli doesn’t feel any insecurity at all. For Josi, on the other hand, it is no problem to spend a night with someone she does not know well but finds attractive, regardless of whether they are men or women.

The two of them spend a day with us and play our famous card game with questions. It turns out that Josie and Yuli are not at all into sex in nature. Besides uncomfortable places as only choices free-roaming bugs and philistines are reasons that speak against outdoor sex. It’s good that these creatures do not have access to our sets and therefore the two music-loving girls were able to freely enjoy themselves with some toys on the living room couch and in bed.

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