When it comes to sex, these two girls can never get enough. Quite frankly, neither can we! Today, they’re here to explain all the ins and outs of sex (yes, literally) – complete with live demonstrations.

    It would be tough to find two girls more different from one another: Vio with her blond hair and slightly wicked-sounding voice; Tasha with her long, brown mane. Tasha knows exactly what she wants – and what she doesn’t want – while Vio is more restrained at first. Nevertheless, they do have one thing in common: today, they’re both really horny.

    Only a few minutes have passed since Tasha was enjoying a bath, giving herself a very intimate massage, using her fingers as well as the extra-long shower-head. But all of a sudden, everything changes: Just when things are heating up, Tasha’s masturbation session gets interrupted by a phone call from Vio... in the middle of shopping, she declares her burning desire for sex.

    At a second-hand shop, they try on some sexy outfits, putting each other in the mood... the thigh boots and rather revealing clothing only crank things up a notch. The changing room is, of course, the perfect place to exchange some tender kisses.

    One thing is clear: these ladies are bursting at the seams with anticipation, about to let it rip. Pure seduction is in store – and we’re invited to the party!

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