Val & Carl – best friends, that share their first one-on-one together with Ersties! Usually you can find them in a threesome with other friends, but today Val brought her bestie Carl to bring her closer to porn (she’s never watched it) and we love it!

    To describe today’s shoot, we will borrow the words of Val & Carl themselves, “it was new, exciting and super fun”! Indeed! There is nothing more to add. With two amazing girls, covered in sexy tattoos and piercings, this shoot takes the phrase, friends with benefits, to the next level!

    Carl is a 24-year-old Italian girl and admits that she has filmed herself masturbating and having sex before, but never really watched porn herself. Luckily today, she gets to be the star in her very own shoot!

    She admits that she rarely attempts to seduce her partners but today Val not only impresses us but also Carl with her dancing and undressing skills. You can tell that there is a connection between these girls and that they have had fun before. But never on camera, and after this first venture in the world of Ersties, we hope we’ll be seeing more of these gorgeous girls together.

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