So that our interview with Tara can be nice and cozy, she starts out by lighting a few candles. It helps her loosen up before she begins chatting.

    Tara is just 20 years old and is studying social work – and she balances no fewer than four jobs. That certainly requires time management skills. But she still finds enough time to meet friends for brunch and everything else girls like to do. For, it’s clear that that means an erotic adventure here and there!

    We ask her about her first kiss. It’s something she can remember very well – it wasn’t until just four years ago. It was also at 16 that she had her first time. But that’s not something she remembers so fondly. Back then, a friend asked Tara if she wanted to have sex with her, in order to find out whether she was bi. To be used in such a manner was quite a shock to Tara. Still, though, she continues to enjoy good sex with other women.

    She is single now and so can enjoy her sexual freedom to the fullest. She had a date with a girl just yesterday. It went very well, she tells us. Whether she’d still like to get together with a guy, she’s not sure. With a knowing wink she tells us her life philosophy: “Never say never.” She gives a mischievous grin into the camera. So perhaps she’ll be getting with a guy soon enough? We shall see...

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