Tabea is drop dead gorgeous and radiates an incredible amount of sex appeal with all of her movements. She will wrap you around her little finger in no time with her light-hearted laugh and cheeky manner.

    When Tabea laughs, her whole face shines. Her laughter sounds cheeky, a little daring and is incredibly contagious. The Basel-based girl laughs a lot, even during sex, so it’s easy to know that you can have a lot of fun with Tabea. When she talks, she throws her dark curls sexily from one side to the other. Tabea’s whole appearance, her facial expressions and gestures are super erotic. Her big eyes, full lips and flawless figure make the picture perfect. It’s no wonder that Tabea used to be a model.

    We met the 28 year old in Berlin for her Ersties premiere. She feels absolutely comfortable in the German capital, because people are not as uptight as in her hometown. She enjoys being able to leave the house here without a bra for a change. Sometimes Tabea even toys with the idea of moving to Berlin, but at the moment she prefers to stay in Switzerland.

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