In super sexy hot pants Susie (33) sits with us on her terrace. She just recently moved out to the countryside, as she wanted to escape the tight city into freedom. Here she can finally live out her sexual dreams...

    Susie’s new home is in the middle of a forest. She often enjoys spending her mornings stark naked on the front terrace after her morning shower. This is the kind of freedom Susie needs and loves the most.

    The best part of her home is how close the beach is: Just ten minutes away! That means sex on the beach is almost a daily occurrence for her – and no, we don’t mean the drink!

    Susie is cheeky and talkative and loves laughing. Her happy, and balanced nature makes her irresistible to be around. And the way she runs her fingers through her long hair is starting to give us ideas…

    The tattoos all over her arms and shoulders are just as alluring. And yet: There is nobody watching her as she strolls through her yard completely naked. And that’s just how she likes it.

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