Steff @ Ersties

    Whilst chatting with the charming Steff we couldn’t overlook the comfy interior of her apartment. Her bed invites to dream and relax…

    Half-Russian, half-Spanish – this is Steff, the sexy exchange student from Madrid. Right now, she is living in Mayen. But her absolute favorite place is Plaza del Sol right in the heart of Madrid.

    With her long dark hair, she is a true sight to behold, and her pretty eyes are absolutely mesmerizing. “Experiencing life to the fullest” – that is Steff’s motto for life. After she finishes studying medicine, she would love to open up her own clinic, because there is nothing she wants more in life than to help every person in the world.

    To balance out her chock-full calendar, she does yoga, draws or goes for long strolls in the forest. Another great way for her to relax is having sex…

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