Bianka and Sophie really looked and found each other. And all they cannot get from “real guys” they just give each other during common sex games. Will they let us watch later?

    Originally from Leipzig Bianka has lived in and explored her new home of Berlin for the past 9 years. After dropping out of college she likes to model for her boyfriend who does nude photography. While shooting they also meet a lot of couples. So one day in a swinger club it happened: Bianka and her lover ran across Sophie: a match with Ersties related consequences...

    From the beginning Sophie and Bianka agreed on one thing. Sex with women is more sensual and emotional. However, they both like it to be rough. Sadomasochism, bondage, whips…why not?

    Looking at a woman they both prefer a big bum, big eyes with long lashes and a smart look. The main thing having sex is having fun anyway! It doesn’t matter if sex toys are involved, although they are always welcome.

    True to the motto: being bi does no harm, Bianka and Sophie are living life having free sex with a lot of fun and passion. They reveal that they have been kinda intimate with each other before, whatever that means. But today they wanna enjoy eachother completely- with only our camera there for company.

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