If I’m repeating myself, well I have to emphasize that I had A LOT OF FUN. The photographer made it very interesting the whole day and even though it got hot in the day and we got caught a couple of times I had that sudden rush of adrenaline that kept me wanting to shoot more stuff. I was quite sad when I realized my second day was up and I had to fly out in an hour. My absolute favorite was the black dress and heels set! The photographer made the whole anal butt plug thing look so sexy on me. I definitely need more hot heels to wear for his shoots. I know he is a big fan of light colors but most of my things were darker but I guess the yellow top scene compensated for it. Now this money I make from all these shoots is going to my savings since I want to get my own place and move out of my family’s home, and also help pay for my Saab which I spent a lot of money on upgrading. I think there’s a video on the site where I show pictures of it and explain what I’ve done to it. No, I don’t have a boyfriend and not interested in having one. Guys can be too much drama and I’d just rather have quick sexual relationships with them and try something new afterwards. You guys do it so why can’t I? :)

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