Who could resist this sweet smile? Sarah C. will seduce you with her Snow White look and show you how she pampers herself with every trick in the book. Yummy!

    Beautiful curls, a sensual pout and pale skin, Sarah C. could easily pass for Snow White. Born in the UK, she is 23 years old and lives in the Netherlands. She will turn your head if she passes you on roller skates, and one of her newest favourite activities is pole dancing. We would love to be able to watch her in action!

    When it comes to love, Sarah’s motto is "Let them be free" – even though she is single at the moment, she is absolutely sure that a monogamous relationship is not an option for her. Sarah is a free spirit and loves to grant freedom to her partners. She firmly believes that it doesn’t harm her relationship with a person if this person simultaneously pursues other romantic relationships. Therefore Sarah knows no jealousy – hats off to so much coolness!

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