There is nothing better in the world than having your wishes come true. This Intimate Moment fulfills two wishes in one. Anna has the pleasure to fist her visitor Sarah on the couch and then gets an intense treatment by Sarah with a strap-on dildo.

The road to Anna’s couch wasn’t too far for Sarah, as both girls live in the Netherlands. It’s Anna’s first girl-girl experience in front of a camera. She’s thoroughly excited to dive into this new experience, and doubly so to make out with curly-haired beauty Sarah. There is also another reason Anna has such tingling excitement… Both women love sex toys, and Sarah’s collection fills an entire suitcase. There are a few toys that can’t be used alone, so the pair can’t wait to meet for this special Intimate Moment.

Anna really wants Sarah to penetrate her with a strap-on dildo. To get Sarah in the right mood, Anna first spoils her visitor with a passionate fisting before Sarah takes care of Anna’s needs with the strap-on, making her orgasm and squirt.

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