With a lot of openness, Sam shows us what exciting and emotional sexuality is hidden behind her brave facade. Sam always knew that she was into women, and once she tried it out there was no going back!

    Although it was the first time in front of the camera for 22-year-old Sam from Stuttgart, she was able to forget the cameras and indulge herself - as naturally as if she were alone.

    Sam always knew that she was a lesbian, and after her first sexual experience, she was very sure. Now, Sam has been living in a monogamous relationship for two years. Sam needs daily sex, and it doesn’t always have to be the ultimate adventure, but she loves the physical contact and that’s nice.

    Trust is important to Sam, because even if she seems brave at first, Sam’s sexual fantasies and desires are not conventional. Sam is a masochist and is turned on through humiliation, both physically and mentally. Sam - we are overwhelmed by your openness!

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