There is a reason why we missed Ruth! With a lot of new sexual experience and energy, the confident woman is back at Ersties and has even brought her best friends for an intense and orgasmic shoot.

The fact that Ruth would like to study agriculture doesn’t really seem to suit her at first. But then she tells us that she always lived on a farm as a child and how she loves animals more than anything else in the world. By the way, cows are her favorite animals. And when she isn’t on the lookout for cattle herds, then she is out simply enjoying life and having a great time.

Her first time was when she was 19 and turned out to be a complete disaster. But after that, she seems to have experienced a lot of exciting things in sex, because her eyes absolutely glisten when she tells us all about her adventures. And her most special experience was with a woman. Nevertheless, Ruth is into real gentlemen and finds it absolutely irresistible when a man opens the door for her or cooks something tasty for her. She is in a relationship for two years now and is still as in love as she was on the first day.

Bondage, role-playing and sex with women are just some of the things she enjoys most. All in all, we are quite surprised with everything she has to reveal about sex, toys, sex parties and much more.

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