Ruby, from Perth, is the embodiment of a fun-loving and laid-back girl. If she could, she would walk around naked all the time, because in her opinion, her body looks better nude! This obviously meets with our (and your) full approval!

    It is hardly surprising that pretty Ruby can blow anybody away. With just her big smile, amazing body and dark skin she is the quintessential Australian girl. Living by the sea also means she can enjoy her love of the water. Especially skinny-dipping!

    At today’s shoot with Ersties, Ruby has made an exception, wearing sexy lingerie as usually it is just a G-string that adorns her hot booty! Everything should be natural, she says. So, you won’t find any bras, just nipples that are visible through her shirt and growing hair everywhere.

    Next to Netlix & Chill she likes to open up her laptop to watch some porn… Thinking about Ruby’s porn preferences makes her blush a little bit and she admits, that gangbangs and stories with stepdaddies always make her cum a lot!

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