Rosie is sweet 25 and totally self-confident. In her short summer dress with knee-highs she shows a lot of skin and presents herself pretty revealing. She obviously has her own head and has many wishes when it comes to sex...

    The girl with the Beatle haircut and the huge glasses isn’t shy at all...but rather very excited about having a bath in front of our cameras.

    She is naturally a happy person and loves to talk. She tells us about her love of all the different forms of art and that she likes to take photos and shoot videos. But what she prefers is being in front of the camera...usually in an erotic way.

    Oh no, Rosie is the opposite of prude. She gets turned on while watching somebody having an orgasm and without doubt she likes to talk a lot during sex. As a single girl she has a lot of one-night stands. Most of the boys she’ll meet on dating apps. So if she sees someone she likes Rosie will just text him.

    “The dirtier the better“ is Rosie’s motto. And she will prove that in front of our camera...

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