We want it the French way à la Romy! What this beautiful Parisienne, with her rosy cheeks and full lips, has to offer is not to miss out on! Easily, she wraps us around her finger with her French accent and lovers of hairy bodies will be smitten!

    Romy is a girl whose French and Greek roots result in a beautiful mix of curly hair, full lips and a lovely smile. A mix that melts you away… Plus, she is a photographer of erotic black-and-white photography! The girl of our dreams!

    Well, Romy has a boyfriend though. But that won’t be a problem because the Parisienne is also really into girls and would love to keep her boy but also be surrounded by pretty ladies. She has even had relationships with girls before and her knowledge about the female body is not to be missed… as we can see in today’s shoot!

    A foot fetish, BDSM and Queer parties tell us more about what Romy’s sex life looks like. Her submissive behaviour and the love of just fucking in her bedroom show her softer side. Anyway, today she brought her all time favourite sex toy and the orgasms you will see are amazing!

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