Fifteen years ago, Rita came from Spain to Germany. She just finished secondary school and is now looking forward to a year of social service in South Africa. She loves wild animals, freedom and adventure.

    She still lives in Bavaria, but soon Rita will be venturing out into the world. That will clearly be a loss for the men around her, but anyway, this cute high-school grad isn’t so easily attainable... She’s not into it when guys try to make a move on her in the club. She only goes out to dance and have fun getting hit on is just annoying.

    She’s not desperate for a man in her life right now. Although, she does have a little fling going on at the moment – but it’s nothing serious. But hey, if Mr. Right does cross her path, he can certainly show her what’s what.

    Rita would be more than happy to have sex with a woman. But if so, she wants to be the one in control. If she likes the way a girl looks, she can certainly imagine some sex adventure or another. Never with one of her friends, though. But a little making out? No big deal. What does Rita particularly like about herself? Her ass. It’s firm, big and curvy. She shows us – and much more – right in front of the camera...

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