Rebecca and Mai know each other well. Very well, in fact. Although May has a boyfriend, she totally loves having sex with Rebecca. The two girls are meeting today at Rebecca’s apartment and chat about their personal desires and erotic fantasies.

    Rebecca lives in Berlin and is still studying. When she’s not busy learning, she’s taking care of her dogs and cats. Over the past year, she’s been getting more engaged in animal welfare. But of course, partying and hanging with friends are part of her routine as well. She’s currently single but enjoys life to the fullest. Until recently, she had a girlfriend with whom she could fulfill her sexual desires. But that doesn’t exclude men from the list of possibilities...

    Mai admits she finds Rebecca incredibly attractive. And her blonde friend is of course glad to return the compliment. Mai enjoys sex with her partner the most, but that doesn’t change the fact that Rebecca has an almost magical magnetic appeal.

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