It gets a bit saccharine here – but Pina (24) from Magdeburg is also into the real “hot topics”. While she bakes a buttery sugar cake (but seems quite helpless in doing so ;-), she chats away about her eventful sex life.

    Now things are getting to be as sweet as sugar – but Pina (24) from Magdeburg is also into the really “hot things”. While she relishes baking a butter cake (even though she seems a tad helpless in the process ;-)), she cheerfully chats about her eventful sex life.

    As a student of graphic design, Pina is fairly creative and imaginative – and it would appear that she’s also a bit chaotic. But that’s exactly what makes her so loveable. And while we’re at it, speaking of love: when it comes to the game of love, she is into variety above all. And since Pina is also an outdoors kind of girl, she also likes doing it in public places. For example, in the forest, at the park, in the car and so on.

    She doesn’t have a steady boyfriend right now and can therefore enjoy her (love) life to the fullest. “The more spontaneous, the better” is her motto.

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