Pearl @ Ersties

    Pearl from New Orleans lives up to her name – she’s beautiful, exceptional and her skin shines beady. With her cute smile, we’re sure she attracts a lot of sex partners that are also into anal plugs as much as the American is.

    We at Ersties are very happy that Pearl from Portland, New Orleans, wants to be part of our famous Intimate Moments Series! No surprise, because she decides what she wants to show us, and we assure you that every second of it is awesome!

    Currently single, the cute American admits that she’s into the cliché kind of guy: tall, dark & handsome. Nevertheless, her interest in having an orgy with boys and girls is growing every day. Fucking with both sexes at the same time is a little fantasy Pearl has, next to the smell and feeling of leather!

    When on her own, the Southerner likes to take it slow, to feel her body and most of all show a lot of affection to her boobs and nipples. We have to admit that Pearl is just amazing to watch! With an anal plug, dildo or vibrator – it’s just a pleasure!

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      Young, sweet, innocent, and bears a strong resemblance to my ex. I think I’m going to enjoy Pearl’s photo set!

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      One. Your first hole I would romantically kiss,
      Slowly introducing our tongues to one another.
      Two. Your second hole I would not enter,
      Until I had gently yet persistently rang your bell.
      Three. Your third hole would be our secret pleasure,
      Where I would reach my fulfillment having long quenched yours.

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      Anyone know of any Ersties girls who are on the game?

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