The interview between Paulita and Rose is… hmm – very special. Rose from America has been living in Berlin for a year now and is newly enjoying the sexually permissive atmosphere. Paula can’t help but caress Rose’s legs over and over…

    These two girls sit cozily on Rose’s bed and chat away about anything and everything. They’re having a lot of fun, giggling like little schoolgirls.

    Rose studied art, and she loves to dance. Although her German language skills aren’t in top form, she gets along brilliantly with Paulita. She tries to initiate a bit of bodily contact with her new friend. Rose seems to be quite open for as many sexual adventures as possible. In America, people are prude, but in Europe things are different. That’s exactly what Rose enjoys here. She tells Paulita about her current sex partner, who knows more than anyone how to get her off!

    Paulita listens intently as Rose explains that she even experiences different types of orgasms. What she thinks is that there’s not just a clitoral orgasm, that her lover gives her an entirely different kind. Other guys don’t know about this specialized technique as good as he does. We’re sure eager to know more about that!

    Suddenly Paulita and Rose start inspecting their pubic hair. Of course, our camera zooms in closely. What happens next is not something you want to miss...

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