Bright blue eyes and an awesome pair of nerdy glasses on her head with which she puts up her blond hair. Patrizia (22), the beautiful music student from Berlin is originally from Lithuania – and you can still hear her sexy accent a little bit.

    This girl has a lot of power, vitality, humour and cheerfulness. You can tell by the happy glow in her eyes and her open smile. After all, “Patti” is a curious and open girl. Also, and especially, when it comes to eroticism. That is when it’s easy for her to make the first contact with a guy she likes. And this happens quite a lot while she’s out and about partying with her friends in Berlin.

    As she’s single Patrizia is searching but never chasing love. She rather lives her life to the fullest. She’s tells us that if she would be a man then she would be an asshole. But a very kind one! While saying this she’s smiling and being cheeky. Such a cute girl! Talking to us she’s stirring her Cappuccino and lighting up a cigarette. Patti has a lot of exciting things to tell us about. But watch for yourself of course…

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