Paola @ Ersties

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“It’s her first time”; that explains the cat mask. But nevertheless we see how pretty Paola is. Will the girl with Venezuelan roots let her clothes drop for us despite her shyness?

What she has to tell us is anything but “G-rated”… Paola is a sweet 21-year-old from Düsseldorf. She is planning her studies but is currently enjoying life to the fullest extent during her “self-discovery-process”. By the way: Whether on a train, in a car, at a club, at the beach or in the forest, he more spontaneous and intense her sexual adventures are, the more she enjoys them. Especially during holidays, she had many experiences. In Spain she experienced some unforgettable moments in this regard. She would love to spend her next vacation time in Bali or Panama. They say there are pretty guys there, too…

Currently, she is single and not really looking. Every once in a while, a one-night stand – sure, why not? But also a sex toy can have “it”. Nevertheless she sometimes likes to just use her hands to masturbate. If she does feel like having a relationship again then she hopes for a really good-looking guy. Strangely enough in her sexual fantasies the guys are all not very attractive. What exactly she experiences in her erotic fantasies you can find out here, of course…

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