The open-minded and sensual Australian is extremely cute! She likes to show off her amazing body and finds the thought of you watching her in this Intimate Moment very exciting.

25-year-old Olive has been a sexual person since she was a child. Even still, it took a while until she was able to accept her body and, above all, love it. Now she loves her body entirely and enjoys what it can make her feel.

Olive loves many things to do with sex. She will almost always be attracted to someone when they exude lust and excitement towards her, and especially when they are willing to give her sexual pleasure. She’s open to a lot, including power games, as long as they have nothing to do with violence and oppression. Olive is a sensual person and finds foreplay particularly exciting. She reaches orgasm quickly during sex so she likes to play with her partner beforehand, delaying her climax and prolonging her pleasure.

In this Intimate Moment, the sensual Australian takes her time sensually touching her entire body, before orgasming more than once.

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