Nova loves music, and especially music that you can dance to. The 23 year old just needs movement. For Nova, variety is the spice of life, and especially in her sex life! She loves to change positions, and make others horny just from watching her...

Nova from near Frankfurt am Main needs variety. Because of this, the 23 year old chose an intense job that is different every day. In bed, it’s the same. For Nova, sex shouldn’t always be in the same position and moving between active and passive roles during sex is more than allowed. In the beginning, she had difficulties with the freedom of an open relationship, but now she has an open yet romantic relationship with her partner. As well as this, she also has a sexual relationship with a married couple.

In today’s shoot, redhead Nova even keeps the construction workers from doing their work as she pleasures herself with her fingers and a Magic Wand. It’s such a sexy sight, you can’t help but look at Nova, and then find yourself a quiet corner. Nova will make you very horny!

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