Nora loves getting fingered, but she can’t get off very easily – you need to “press the right button”. Only she knows the exact way, but she’s all to happy to show you.

    When it comes to getting it on, Nora likes it intense. The hotter, the better. And she gets to have really good sex very often, as she tells us. It’s satisfying because, in order to get off, she tells the guy exactly how and where she needs attention when getting fingered. Most of the men she’s been with so far go wild for her special “instructions”, especially since it allows them to see just how she cums. But of course, none of this means that Nora is totally selfish – she absolutely loves returning the favor and catapulting her partner into seventh heaven!

    Nora has also had some fun experiences with group sex. But her first time in that realm was a bit strange for her – everyone around her was getting “busy” while she had to wait anxiously until she could get in on the action. She’s also into a bit of dominance. But there must always be underlying respect – she places a huge importance on that. Nora would never have sex with someone who demands she shave her legs. They can get quite hairy. But Nora doesn’t care about having a so-called perfect body – she loves the way she is. And she tells us, she has no doubt that many guys love her body too. Now take a look at it yourself!

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