Nina and Elisabeth have been a couple for about three years. They live in a cozy apartment together with their dogs. Although they are very different characters, in a sexual sense they make perfect harmony.

    Elisabeth is 24, studies social pedagogy and loves going into the great outdoors with her pet dogs. Her girlfriend Nina (23) is completing an apprenticeship to come a physiotherapist and is a hardcore soccer fan. They’ve been a winning team for ages, they say. Nina and Elisabeth are like yin and tang, they tell us: It’s just a perfect fit. Still, there’s something that Nina can’t overlook entirely, and it’s the fact that Elisabeth isn’t entirely averse to men. In fact, she’s even been in relationships with them. But for Nina, heterosexuality is a totally foreign terrain.

    Still, Elisabeth says with a smile, “We are classic lesbians.” One thing they never leave behind are their sex toys. But at the start of their relationship, Nina wanted to have nothing to do with them. Somehow, she couldn’t shake the feeling that Elisabeth needed some kind of substitute. Doubts plagued her, whether she could give her girlfriend what she really wanted. But now she knows she was wrong the whole time, and vibrators, double dildos and strap-ons are everyday accessories in their sex life.

    The more sex they have, the more balanced they are. Of course, that’s not to exclude masturbation, even when they’re not apart. Elisabeth doesn’t necessarily need to come during sex. Just some kissing, touching and licking is enough. But for Nina, an orgasm is simply par for the course.

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