20-year-old beauty Nelio decides to start her day looking at some nude photos in a magazine that make her masturbate on the kitchen table. For satisfaction, the aspiring singer-songwriter not only uses her fingers, but also a glass dildo.

It’s been 8 months since 20-year-old Nelio moved to Berlin from her hometown in the west of Germany. Among her friends, she was always the first to talk about sex and her sexuality, and now that she’s in Berlin she feels like she is able to connect with many like-minded people. In Berlin, she’s also found an outlet making music, something she hasn’t done in a long time. She has enjoyed getting back into guitar and writing songs, and has made friends with other musicians who inspire her and encourage her to develop her own artistic expression. Meeting lots of new people, Nelio has also been able to go on many dates. The blonde beauty is polyamorous and enjoys connecting with many different people.

With Ersties, Nelio first flips through a magazine with erotic photos that make her horny, before starting to masturbate on the kitchen table. We just can’t get enough of this blonde bombshell!

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