For our next Intimate Moment shoot, we would like to introduce you to Natie & Margo, a hot lesbian couple that likes to experiment with other people whilst still enjoying their time together! Something we find out first hand in their Ersties debut shoot!

    For the latest shoot from our new series, we are very happy that 23-year-old Natie and 22-year-old Margo wanted to share their Intimate Moments with us. It’s so cool to hear what attracts the two ladies to each other and they were more than happy to share all the details of their sex lives with us.

    As the gentler girl in the relationship, Margo admits that communication is as important to her as orgasms. Maybe that is why her and her gorgeous partner are so compatible to each other because they have the same opinions, although Natie sometimes prefer to play a little rougher in bed.

    After sharing all the intimate details of their interesting and varied sex life, this cute couple wants to show us how amazing they are together! And they absolutely did!

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