In an idyllic forest clearing, Lilith and Naomi have found a cosy place for their camper van, and they can’t wait to have fun together in the open air. The van also features a large mattress for the pair to play with their toys and each other on...

Summer is here and that means unlimited freedom for our adventurous Ersties girls. Lilith and Naomi are eager to explore the world on road trips, swim in secluded lakes and spend their nights under the stars. With their camper, they have found an idyllic spot in a romantic forest clearing for this luscious Ersties’ shoot. The students don’t want to get sunburnt so they bring out the sunscreen, but they end up doing a lot more than just smearing sunscreen on each other’s backs. While Lilith rubs creams all over Naomi, the girls get excited and start licking each other until they orgasm in the middle of nature.

Lilith and Naomi not only have camping equipment and provisions in their camper, they have also brought the most important thing for a fun outdoors trip: a vibrator! With the vibrator, Naomi gives her blonde friend the biggest climax of their travels so far.

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