Naomi, Alison and Cataleya are introduced to naked yoga by Innana. They learn the sun salutation, and stretch their sexy buttocks in the air. This gets their chakras vibrating and keeps the sexual energy flowing between these four yoga aficionados.

    There are over ninety different styles of yoga in the world, but we’ve just focused on one of them today: nude yoga. Amid the perfect backdrop, Yogini Innana introduces the Sun Salutation sequence to her nude students Naomi, Alison, and Cataleya. The three inquisitive students wait in the lotus position on their yoga mats, ready to find access to their feminine power through breathing exercises and yoga positions.

    Under the guidance of their skilled yoga teacher, the obedient students move through downward dog, the forward bend, the small cobra, the four-legged stand and stretch their buttocks and pussies up in the sun salutation. This is not only relaxing, but also quite exhausting, as it turns out! The yoga class culminates in a holistic treatment of each student by the group with a happy ending that gets their chakras vibrating.

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