Hey guys, I’m from a small town in Kansas prettymuch there all my life. I had to take care of myself and be independent of my family who wasnt really there, so I had many jobs until I became a dancer at clubs. But since its such a small town everyone knows each other and the pressure was too much and people too conservative so I moved to Kansas City recently. I really want to go to LA and do more porn work there because I enjoy fucking. My only problem is that I’m really tight and I get sore really fast especially if I’m fucking a lot. I know there will be big dicks to fuck so I need to practice stretching out my pussy to get ready for it. I really loved my experience on ftvgirls and especially the masturbating and fucking! I got some workout pics that were cool since I never see any of myself workout naked. I mean I do selfies of me at the gym, but not all bare like this! By the end of the two days I was exhausted, but I had a lot of fun. My pussy will need a week break! xoxo

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