If you hear moans in the underground car park, take a good look: That could be Nadine C.! The biologist is a masturbation goddess and lets Ersties take part in her passionate self-love ritual.

    With her natural beauty and radiant glow Nadine from Görlitz immediately has us wrapped around her little finger. We love how her eyes light up when she talks about things that inspire her. The biologist dreams of a self-sufficient life in harmony with nature: growing fruit and vegetables, keeping animals, producing her own electricity... What a dream!

    Independence is also the code of her love life: Nadine is a convinced single. Men? They are all crazy! Relationships? Far too exhausting! Her cheeky smile reveals how much she enjoys teasing her lovers with sassy comments. You’re very much mistaken if you assume that Nadine has a boring, sexless existence!

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