Hey, i’m Myra, and i’m eighteen years old! I was really nervous to do this shoot since its my first time doing anything like this! So, to tell you guys a little bit about myself, I have a boyfriend of 3 years currently. I absolutely adore animals, does not matter what kind! I used to be a cheerleader and took tumbling classes. I love to be in nature so any excuse is good for me. I just turned eighteen in April and I also just graduated highschool, hopefully moving onto college soon! I love learing new things ecspecially about my environment. I love feeling independent, which is why i lvoe traveling. I’ve been to a few places but i’m looking to hopefully travel outside of the country soon because that has been my ultimate dream. I love seeing sites, I love the finer things in life, I love to get pretty and fancy so I can show off my looks. I absolutely love eating. Food is definetly the way to my heart. On another note, my overally dream career would be an interior designer. I love making things look beautiful and elegant. My family always says I have an eye for beauty, whatever that means. I like to paint, do things for the environment, i love giving out compliments and making people feel good about themselves. If I can make someone happy, then i’m happy, So, I guess that makes me a bit of a people pleaser. What I enjoy doing on a regular day off is just having a nice quiet night in with my boyfriend and my cat. They are my heart!

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