Mona (28) and her boyfriend moved from Nicaragua to Berlin a year and a half ago. She’s set on studying drama and deepening her theoretical knowledge.

    Her father is from Nicaragua and her mother from Moldova. Mona isn’t sure whether she feels more Nicaraguan or Moldavian. But who cares, anyway? Whereas Nicaragua felt like a small village in many respects, Berlin is a totally different story. Now she really feels she can enjoy her freedom, to do what she wants without any formalities.

    As she tells us, she’s not a party animal. She’d rather stay at home and read. That’s when she might very well pull out her dildo. It depends on the kind of reading she’s doing – often erotic. She’s almost always in the mood to masturbate, she says. Sometimes her boyfriend comes and watches her do it, and sometimes he joins in. It varies from day to day, based on their mood. Today she’s all alone with her imagination – and her toy!

    Mona really enjoys sex with her boyfriend, too. They’ve also explored the BDSM scene, and they like to try out new things together. But sometimes she misses the early days of their relationship, when their passion was strong enough to give her butterflies in her stomach. Lately, Mona is curious about what it’d be like to have sex with a woman. Or, women. It’s certainly within the realm of possibilities... What is Mona’s most erogenous zone? It’s hard to say. She likes being touched on her neck, her shoulders and her legs. And if you touch her breasts, she goes wild – she can almost reach orgasm without further stimulation. Apropos: she’s horny again and wants to get herself off. Lucky for us all, our camera is there to catch her in action!

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