What a better way to start the day than with a cup of coffee and a breath-taking video for Ersties! American beauty Missy will bring a smile to your face with the help of her fingers and pussy… this girl knows exactly how to treat her friends!

    Moving to Europe from the USA is a pretty big step with regard to meeting new people, new cultures and being away from your family but 25-year-old Missy managed it very well. She loves her new home with her boyfriend and meeting new friends is not as difficult as you may think!

    Being in an open relationship brings only positives for the cute brunette. It is a good way to explore her own sexuality and has even discovered some new kinks, like her inclination to being spanked, submissive or tied up. Missy meets up with couples or singles that share the same hobbies as her and having an open relationship makes travelling through Europe even sweeter!

    Today Missy invites us into her home where she starts the day with a cup of coffee and by giving us a beautiful view of her pussy. This Intimate Moment will brighten up your morning or evening with a lot of fingering and wet fun. A hairy pussy is a pussy we love!

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