Canadian winters are cold outside but it’s hot in front of the log fire. So outside: clothes on! And inside: clothes off! In this Intimate Moments shoot Caireen and Mira show us how to do it, hot shower and fireplace included!

    Caireen and Mira went on a girls trip to Whistler in British Columbia, Canada. There are not only marmots whistling there, but now also two young beauties that kiss and caress each other’s pretty vaginas.

    When women are amongst themselves they are unrestricted, they say. But only women can know that! In this Intimate Moments shoot these two Canadians give us full insight into what they get up to when they are with each other.

    They both say they are more nervous to go on a date with another woman than with a man, because women are so beautiful. We can only agree! Especially when we follow Caireen and Mira into the shower and then watch them lick each other’s vaginas in front of the fire. It’s not only the fireplace that is heating up the room!

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