The blonde Mira is 26 and born in Berlin. With her hair up and an openhearted cleavage she tells us that she is a real nature gal: Nude bathing, sex in the forest – this is the passion of the psychology student...!

    She just recently starting going out with her boyfriend. Without breakfast in bed, cuddling and such, you won’t get (too) far with her. But if you want to get to her, you need to be smart about it – and have a good sense of humor. Although loyalty is incredibly important to Mira, sex with a woman or a “nice threesome” are always welcome. Of course, only if her honey is part of deal…

    By the way, the first time sensual Mira was in love was at a veeeeery young age: when she was only seven! When she was 15, she lost her virginity. Of course, today she knows exactly what she wants and what she doesn’t want. And she has no trouble telling that to her sex partners. Anal sex? Why not! As long as she can prepare for it appropriately beforehand – then definitely! But for that, she can do just fine without swinger’s clubs. After all, she has her boyfriend to get it on with. What else could a girl want…? :-)

    If Mira ever feels like helping herself, she can gladly do it while watching TV. Is there any better way to make it through the annoying commercial breaks? Before the last ad is over, she has already reached her climax. How does she do it? She’s about to show us…!

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