Paula’s life motto is “life and let be”. But just by her rules. Minka interviews her.

    Through Minka we got to know Paula who is a hot and temperamental Italian now living in Hamburg. We wanted to shoot with her immediately! And who would be a better presenter than Minka herself? That’s why we asked her to join Paula in her first Ersties shoot.

    The Chemistry is perfect between Minka and Paula. You can tell that they just like each other. Was it an interview or rather a flirt? Well, maybe both.

    We can learn a lot about Paula. She likes to be dominant and shapes a relationship through her ideas. And if she could she would never be submissive in bed. But boys, sometimes they like to feel like they have the control ;)

    Minka and Paula have a lot to say to each other. The interview was exciting, but even more so, the incredible sex after.

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