Minerva is a sexy beach babe, without a doubt! On the edge of the Mediterranean, Barcelona is the perfect place to show off her gorgeous tattooed body that she loves every inch of. When masturbating she likes to use mirrors to see double, as do we!

Combining travelling, sun and beach sounds like paradise to Minerva from Buenos Aires. Luckily she’s found all three in the same place in her adopted home of Barcelona with its city life, beaches and great warm weather. As a beach babe it’s the perfect place to show off her gorgeous body to the world, as well as to the Ersties community.

The golden rays of the setting sun kiss her skin as the 26 year old moves in front of the Ersties camera like a framed angel. What a beautiful sight! Minerva is confident about her body, masturbates a lot and would love to fuck every day. This desire is especially clear from today’s amazing shoot.

The highlight? A mirror that helps the Argentinean see double and gives us the opportunity to admire her sexy body from every angle. Such a goddess!

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