Mimi is sweet 21 and lives in Düsseldorf. Before taking over her parents pharmacy she wants to enjoy life to the full extent.

    Mimi’s first time was when she was 14 – on a soft blanket by the beach in “hot” Spain. Right now, she’s single, but she still enjoys her love life to the fullest. Who else can actually say that they’ve ever had several secret affairs at the same time that all pamper them to their heart’s content?

    She particularly loves reminiscing about her first affair with an experienced lover. Sex toys such as dildos and love beads are all just part of the deal with Mimi. Or, in a pinch, a boring, everyday shower-head will do the trick just as well…

    But no matter now open-minded and "hungry for love" Mimi might be, she is also always very loyal whenever she is in a relationship. And she’s about to show you just how open she is when it comes to sex and which fantasies she has…!

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