Still waters run deep... the cool Mila (25) is a good example of how this old adage does have a certain truth. Because what this business student tells us over a hot tea is deeply revealing!

    Three years ago, the Berlin native moved back to her home country from France. She likes Berlin because its cultural lifestyle is completely different. When she’s out and about in bars or working at a café, she meets a fair amount of new people. Of course flirting is fun, but she would never go so far as to cheat on her boyfriend – they’ve been a couple for a year and a half. At the same time, she confesses that she doesn’t necessarily have to be with her darling all day every day. Still, she’s not opposed to having sex on a daily basis.

    Mila gladly takes the dominant role. Blindfolds, handcuffs – these are the kinds of things that excite her. Most of all, she likes it when she can do whatever she wants with her boyfriend. Mila is totally into pleasuring herself with her vibrator. That’s pretty much the only toy that really turns her on while having sex. Except for maybe her favorite scarf. That only comes into play when she uses it on her lover. We ask her to give us more detail that...

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