Tender Swiss secretary Mikcha speaks three languages, once had sex inside of a bridge, craves skin contact and has a lot of beautiful tattoos all over her body that she doesn’t hide from us.

    It’s obvious that Mikcha cares deeply about her skin. She has embellished her lovely olive skin with colourful tattoos, and enjoys pleasuring herself by sensitively stroking herself all over. The beautiful Swiss girl also loves skin to skin contact before, during and after sex. She shows us how much she likes caressing her body, before stimulating her most sensitive places with her fingers and toys.

    It was curiosity that led Mikcha from her idyllic Swiss home to Berlin and Ersties, to talk about her sexuality and share a very intimate moment with us. With some shyness, Mikcha tells us about a recently discovered sensitive spot on her body that she likes to play with. Before she tells you which body part it is, watch Mikcha as she tenderly strokes her erogenous zones with her fingers and toys on the sofa and carpet.

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