Mary likes it hot! And not only on the beach, but also in bed or any other place where she can have sex... sometimes several times a day and with different partners.

Mary is a real sun babe and feels most comfortable on the beach in the blazing midday heat. She especially likes it when she can practice martial arts techniques in the sand, or there are enough men for exciting flirts around. However, you can tempt Mary away from the hustle and bustle of the beach world, especially if it’s for a threesome!

The 27 year old from Turin is also pretty keen to experiment in other ways. Although she lives in a stable partnership, she has learned to differentiate between feelings and sexual pleasure. As long as Mary is young and hungry, she wants to have the freedom to experience her sexuality.

In this hot Intimate Moment, Mary feeds her eager body with everything it needs for a lustful orgasm.

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