Marina & Liandra @ Ersties

    Marina and Liandra roll around stark naked on their rug of pleasure. With hot, loving caresses they bring each other to orgasm.

    A tale from One Thousand and One Nights? Marina and Liandra, completely enchanted by one another, are going on a magic carpet ride of their own, propelled by sheer pleasure. Just try to take your eyes away from their steamy kisses and wild embraces...

    Two dark-haired girls who are obviously very happy to have some time (almost) alone. They’ve long forgotten that our camera is capturing their every move – up close and personal! The plush carpet serves as Marina and Liandra’s playground as they tumble around to their hearts’ content. Passionate kissing, sensual moans, ecstatic laughter…

    It’s quite a treat to watch them licking in total indulgence, caressing each other and enjoying each other’s bodily openings. First Maria is whisked into the realm of the senses, and then it’s Liandra’s turn.

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