These two Ersties Girls make every dream come true! They could hardly be more different - like fire and ice, they cause the elements to go crazy and erupt… and not just once!

    Here dreams do come true! Claudia and Marina could not be more different. These two girls are like lava and frozen water. When they meet, nature erupts!

    In addition, Marina has a new Magic Wand. This hot massager (wink, wink) is used immediately. The equally gorgeous and sexually experienced Claudia takes Marina on the kitchen table, dexterously using the Magic Wand to orgasm.

    This is not the first shoot for Claudia and Marina. But while for Marina it is her first shoot with another, Claudia has already gained experience with other Ersties girls. This pleases the submissive Marina very much and after she has been thawed by Claudia, she reciprocates... twice!

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