Marie is totally into anal. More preceisely, the combination of anal and vaginal. Emily also likes it and finds the right mix to bring Marie to orgasm. And to switch it up, Marie lets Emily experience some intense feelings in doggy style with a dildo.

    The pair have some different hobbies: Marie likes to spend hours at the lake fishing, while Emily enjoys virtual worlds. But they both like pussies, breasts and buttocks! Marie especially finds the combination of anal and vaginal sex phenomenal. Emily attests that Marie has a beautiful round and tight butt, which she calls “Knackepo” and then spoils it with an anal plug. An orgasm requires a combination of several techniques, feelings and sensations, so the two open-minded and beautiful women tease each other in a variety of ways. In the end, Marie finds it very hot to see Emily’s body tremble in the throes of an orgasm after Marie has neatly satisfied her from behind with a dildo. These two women are so hot for each other and are so full of their desires for sex.

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